Rail on concrete solutions

Placing of rails on concrete could generally occur in two different ways:on continuous support or on discontinuous support.

Placing on continuous support
A continuous base plate is placed on the concrete base. The base plate shall have dimensions appropriate to the type of rails and the THRAIL fastening system selected. According to the type of THRAIL fastening system selected, for the indirect system, on the base plate, the basis of the fastening system shall be welded.
For the direct system, holes for inserting the fixing screws shall be drilled. Distance between each fastening system could vary from 500 to 700 mm according the capacity of the crane. The base plate is fixed to the concrete base with foundation bolts which, when a direct fastening system is used, are generally used also for the fastening systems of the rails.
The foundation bolts could be of different types: expansion, chemicals, umbrella, and so on, according to the specific requirements.
The base plate position is then regulated with the levelling bolt. The length of each section of the base plate is normally around 6000 mm. Width and thickness, generally between 15 to 25 mm, are function of the capacity of the crane, of the type of concrete, of the fastening system and of the specific working conditions.
On the base plate the THRAIL pad shall be placed. Then the rails and the fastening systems are placed following the technical instructions provided. When the placing of the fastening system is completed, the place under the base plate shall be filled with concrete, special resins or self-levelling grouts.
Placing on discontinuous support
The procedure to be followed is the same described for placing on continuous support. The difference is the use of single base plates instead of a continuous base plate. The distance between each base plate is generally between 500 to 700 mm according to the type of rails and performances required. The type of pad to be used is THRAIL specifically developed for rail placing on discontinuous support.

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