BWS2015 crane rail clips

THRAIL-BWS2015/41 crane rail clips (adjustable crane rail fixing clips) is specially designed for heavy rail.Its greatest advantage is that it has a very low height after installation and it can help to fix the rail on the narrowest steel girder.It can not only minimize installation cost,but also meet all usages of the cranes with horizontal guide rollers.
Max side load using grade 8.8 bolt 21kN
10mm horizontal rail adjustment

1.It can be used for all kinds of cranes with or without guide rollers.
2.THRAIL rail clip is equipped with vulcanized integral rubber blocks.It can help reduce noise greatly and improve working environment while fastening rails.
3.The rail fixing clip has a self-locking mechanism which makes the clip locked automatically by the pitched clip cap and weldable base with wedge structure theory.
4.It provides a optimal installation size.It’s no need to drill hole on the steel girder when installation.Also the bolts don’t need to be threaded through the hole from beneath of the steel girder.Workers only need to weld the weldable base on the steel rail support.The two parts(clip cap and weldable base) are locked together with grade 8.8 bolt.  

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