About Us

Wuxi Taihang Rail Fastening Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated company specialized in design and production of rail fasteners.We have our own processing plant, CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer,Electric Screw Press,Intermediate frequency induction furnace Production and testing equipment.We’ve passed the ISO9001-2008 quality authentication.
Main products and service:crane rails,crane rail clips,crane rail pads,crane rail clamps,crane rail fixing clips,rail pads,steel soleplate,anchor bolt,rail grout,rail thermit welding and rail installation.What’s more,we provide customers with installation projects for the rails on steel beam and concrete beam.Our rail fasteners have been used for numerous customers for many years.We constantly improve our products to meet various needs according to the feedback information from our customers.Our products are widely used by more and more companies in steel,shipbuilding,port and wharf,coal coking,metallurgy,electric power,warehouse automation industry,etc.Our customers give us a high evaluation on our products and service.The great reputation from our customers do help us occupy important status in crane rail fixing market all over the world.This is exactly the direction of the way we pursue.
We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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