Crane rail clips Installation project

There are some project examples we undertook from domestic steel factories,shipyard and port wharves .
May,2012  CCCC FIRST HARBOR ENGINEERING COMPANY purchased rail clips,grout,steel soleplates from our company for the 1000 ton crane rail project in Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Co.,Ltd.
Jun,2012   Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group purchased rail clips,steel soleplates and anchor bolts for their wharf project.
April,2013  CCCC TGIRD HARBOR ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd purchased purchased soft rail clips and rail pads for WUHU SHIPYARD CO.,LTD.
Oct,2013   CCCC TGIRD HARBOR ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd purchased rail clips,soleplates and rail pads for CHINA MERCHANTS HEAVY INDUSTRY(JIANGSU) CO.,LTD.
May,2014   HONGHUA OFFSHORE Group purchased rail clips and rail pads
Feb,2015    XINGCHENG SPECIAL STEEL adopted our rail clips in their plant.
July,2016    SHANGHAI MEISHAN IRON & STEEL CO.,LTD purchased soft rail clips from THRAIL.
May,2017   CCCC TGIRD HARBOR ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd purchased rail clips and grout for Zhoushan port proect in Zhejiang province.
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