Continuous rail pads

THRAIL crane rail pads has two types-continuous rail pads and individual rail pads.Continuous rail pads are made of synthetic rubber with wear resistance,compression resistance,oxidation resistance,anti ultraviolet radiation and oil resistance.The grooves on the surface can ensure the rail pad tightly contact with its support to reduce the abrasion.The continuous rail pad is reinforced with a steel strip to ensure high lateral stiffness and prevent movement from below the rail.The steel strip is thin enough,so that the rail pad can be rolled when transportation.The width of the steel strip is proportional to the width of resilient pad.They are widely used in ports,shipbuilding,steel plant,coking plant,cement plant,electrical power plant and other industries.
Temperature range:-25℃~100℃
THRAIL continuous rail pads united the most advanced production and manufacturing technique.There are steel strips inserts in the rail pads and grooves on the pads.Abrasive blasting on the surface of steel strips after pickling and oil removal makes the steel strips and pads glued more strongly after vulcanization,and the chemical composition and mechanical property reach national standard.
Continuous rail pad is specially designed for continuous structure supporting rail installation in ports,wharves,shipbuilding industries.Our long years experience in supply and installation has proved that the application of continuous rail pad is excellent.

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