Anchor bolts

The anchor bolt is suitable for the steel structure foundation embedded parts, steel rail steel plate installation and fixation, the anchor bolt is generally Q235 steel, namely the light circle. The screw steel (Q345) is strong, the thread of the nut is not easy to circle. For the bolt, the depth is 25 times its diameter, and then a 90 degree Angle with a length of about 120mm. If the bolt has a large diameter (such as 45mm), it is too deep to be buried deep enough to be able to do a large head on the end of the bolt end (although there is a requirement). Both the depth and the hook are designed to ensure the friction between the bolts and the foundation so that the bolts will not be removed. The tensile capacity of anchor bolt is round steel itself tensile capacity, size is equal to the area multiplied by the allowable stress values (Q235B: 140 mpa, 16 mnorq345:170 mpa) is designed with the allowed tensile bearing capacity.

Anchor boltsAnchor bolts
Use of anchor bolts:
1. The fixed anchor bolt is also known as a short anchor bolt, which is fed with the foundation and used to fix the equipment without strong vibration and impact.
2. The movable anchor bolt is also known as a long anchor bolt, which is a removable anchor bolt, which is used for heavy machinery equipment with strong vibration and impact.
3. Bolted anchor bolts are often used for fixed static simple equipment or auxiliary equipment. The installation of expansion anchor bolts shall meet the following requirements:
(1) the distance between the bolt center and the base edge is not less than 7 times the expansion anchor bolt diameter;
(2) the foundation strength of mounting anchor bolts shall not be less than 10MPa;
(3) there shall be no cracks in the borehole, and it is necessary to prevent the bit from colliding with the reinforcement and buried pipe in the foundation.
(4) the diameter and depth of the drill shall be matched with the expansion anchor bolt.
4. The bonding ground bolt is a kind of anchor bolt used in recent years, and its method and requirement are same as the expansion anchor bolt. But when sticking, pay attention to blowing the holes in the hole, and not damp.

Anchor boltsAnchor bolts
Installation and usage of anchor bolts:
1. One time embedding method: when pouring concrete, the anchor bolt is embedded. When high tower and other overturning control, the anchor bolt should adopt a method of embedding.
2, the reserved hole method: equipment in place, to clean up the hole will anchor bolt into the hole, after equipment positioning alignment with higher than they would without shrinkage of concrete with fine stones to irrigate, tamping compaction.
1. The anchor bolt of a dive center based on the edge of the distance to should not be less than 4 D for anchor bolt diameter (D), and should not be less than 150 mm (D when 20 should not be less than 100 mm) or less, is not less than half of the width of the anchor plate and 50 mm, when can not meet the above requirements, should take appropriate measures to be strengthened.
2. The diameter of the anchor bolt of the structure shall not be less than 20mm.
3. When subjected to earthquake action, double nuts should be used for fixing or other effective measures to prevent loosening, but the anchorage length of anchor bolts should be increased by 5d than the anchorage length of non-seismic action.

Anchor boltsAnchor bolts

Anchor boltsAnchor bolts

Anchor boltsAnchor bolts

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