Crane rail grout
THRAIL supplies first class grout products that have been formulated to provide optimum performance, in the most arduous applications, along with ease of preparation and 
The grouts are formulated for two applications on site:
Fixing the holding down bolts into the concrete supporting structure.
Filling the gap between the soleplate and the concrete supporting structure to enable precise vertical levelling of the crane rail System, in order to meet the required crane rail
installation tolerances.
Three formulations are routinely used when installing crane rails:
Polyester – normally only used for fixing holding down bolts.
Epoxy – used for fixing holding down bolts and beneath the soleplate.
Cement based – used for fixing holding down bolts and beneath the soleplate.
The choice will be dependent on the application and other environmental factors.

Crane rail groutCrane rail grout

THRAIL 1400 MP is an expansive, non-shrink, low exotherm epoxy grout for the precision grouting of crane runway systems. This versatile, multipurpose product is formulated for single, large volume placements and may be used as thin as 1/2 inch (13 mm) in depth.
Cementitious grout advantages:
Long working time
Low exotherm
Early strength development
95% effective bearing area
Excellent adhesion to steel

THRAIL PBG is a free flowable polyester grout, specifically designed and developed for anchoring bolts and dowels into vertically downward holes into rock, concrete, brickwork and masonry. Typical applications are the permanent fixing of starter bars and dowels, foundation bolts, ground anchors, base plates for building systems and crane rails.
Polyester grout advantages:
Ideal for permanent fixings
Quick and free flowing
Designed to fill up the vertically downward holes
Available in standard or tropical grades

THRAIL EPG is a three pack high flow epoxy grout, with excellent low temperature curing characteristics, making it suitable for underplate grouting applications such as crane rails,
machine base plates, bridge bearing pads and stanchion bases.
Epoxy grout advantages:
Excellent low temp curing
High flow properties
Self priming system
Perfect for underplate grouting
Can be poured or pumped easily

Crane rail groutCrane rail grout

Items Fluldity(mm) Vertical Expansion 
Compressive Strength(Mpa) Erosin to iron Bar Bleeding 
Initial After
3h 3h-24h 2h 1d 3d 28d N/A 0
CGM/HGM-1 ≥300 ≥270 0.1-3.5 0.02-0.5 - ≥25 ≥42 ≥62 N/A 0
CGM/HGM-2 ≥340 ≥270 0.1-3.5 0.02-0.5 - ≥25 ≥42 ≥62    
CGM/HGM-3 ≥300 - ≥0.02 - ≥25 ≥38 ≥51 ≥65    
CGM/HGM-4 ≥270 - ≥0.02 - ≥20 ≥38 ≥51 ≥62 Setting Time 20min

Key points of grout construction
I. Basic processing and supporting mode:
1. The concrete foundation surface is chipped and cleaned. The components (such as steel gaskets) that are glued together with the slurry will remove rust and oil stains.
2. The concrete foundation surface should be wetted for 4~24 hours before casting, and no water should be collected when watering.
3. The baffle shall be supported to prevent leakage.Support the dam-board tightly to prevent the leakage of cement powder.
II.Rail grout:
1.Additive water amount:stir water and cement powder according to the ratio of 3.5kg water per bag of cement powder (25kg).If no need great liquidity in practise,you can reduce the additive water amount.
2.Mix procedure:add a specified amount of water and cement powder into the mixer bucket,then mix for about 3~5 min.
3.When mixing,blades shall move slowly around the wall of the bucket to make the cement powder attached on the walls mixed adequately;The blades are forbidden to lift on water in case any air into liquid.
4.When grouting,it’s better to pour the grout from one side,helping squeeze out the air.If need,you can use bamboo chips or other tools to guide the flow of air. The irrigation must be continuous,can’t be interrupted after beginning.
III.Moisture conservation of the grout:
1. Cover the pedestal slurry with wet straw bags or cloth.Then water it for 2~6 times everyday to keep it wet.
2. Keep the pedestal slurry over 15℃ for 7 days.If the temperature is low,the moisture conservation period can be extended properly.
3. If construct in winter,heat preservation measures are important.
4. Open model should be taken 24h after grouting.Moisture conservation is still needed after Open model.

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